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洪水无情,人间有爱 你们在,我们安心  像1998年抗洪战那样, 这是一场胜利属于我们的战役。 2020这极不平凡的一年, 终将有拨开云雾见日出的那天。

七月一日 建党节:不忘初心 继续前进

Don't forget your original intention and move on. In 1999, we have changed the rain and spring breeze and strengthened our original intention all the way; The great cause of 99 years has never forgotten the original intention; How many heroes, how many exciting moments! Red is the mark of the times and the spirit of the nation, It's also the color of blood flowing in the body We feel with you~

"Dragon Boat Festival"

The term "Dragon Boat Festival" first appeared in the records of wind and earth in the Western Jin Dynasty: "the Dragon Boat Festival in midsummer is also the fifth day of May, and the custom emphasizes this day, which is the same as the summer solstice." Duan, ancient Chinese has the meaning of beginning and beginning, which is called "Duanwu" or "junior five". "Shuowen Jiezi": "Duan, the topic of the beginning of things", that is to say, Duan is the meaning of the beginning, so the fifth day of May is called "Duanwujie". "When the age of Guangji" said: "the capital city dust people, with the first day of may as the end one, the second day as the end two, the number to five is the end five The ancients used to call the first few days of may by the end. Therefore, the first day of the five (noon) month is called the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is a mixture of various folk customs, such as evil prevention and epidemic prevention. Therefore, it is believed that the Dragon Boat Festival originated from the ancient people for "evil prevention and epidemic prevention". Chinese culture has a long and profound history. Ancient festivals are the important carriers of traditional culture. The formation of ancient festivals contains profound and rich cultural connotation. Ancient festivals attach great importance to the belief and sacrifice of ancestors. The belief of ancestors is the core of ancient traditional festivals. It is not a folk festival to choose a day to avoid evil spirits and prevent epidemics; Dragon Boat Festival originated from the ancients“ It is a misunderstanding of the cultural connotation of ancient festivals in later generations. Ancestor worship not only covers all the ancient Chinese traditional festivals, but also the eternal theme of Chinese folk festivals. As for the blessing words of the Dragon Boat Festival, most folklorists believe that it is after the Dragon Boat Festival that the legends and historical figures are attached to the festival, giving the festival other meanings, but these meanings are only a part of the Dragon Boat Festival. Many ancient poems describe the festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival. The festival has always been a festive day for eating zongzi and picking dragon boats. The lively Dragon Boat performances and happy food banquets in the ancient dragon boat festival are the embodiment of celebrating the festival. The happy Dragon Boat Festival is the tradition. Dragon Boat Festival is a good day. According to the chronicle of Jingchu years old: because of climbing in midsummer, Shunyang is on. May is midsummer. Its first noon day is a good day to climb in Shunyang. Among the traditional festivals, there are many and complex folk customs, or only Dragon Boat Festival energy conservation and Spring Festival can be compared. Both festivals have ritual and custom themes such as praying for blessings and eliminating disasters, which place people's desire to welcome the good luck and get rid of evil spirits and disasters. Dragon Boat Festival in the historical development and evolution of a variety of folk customs as one, Dragon Boat Festival customs are many, diverse forms, rich and colorful content, lively and festive. There are differences in the content and details of Customs due to different regional cultures. Dragon Boat Festival customs mainly include picking dragon boat, sacrificing dragon, picking herbs, hanging wormwood and calamus, worshiping gods and ancestors, washing herbs and herbs, beating noon water, soaking dragon boat water, eating zongzi, putting paper kite, watching dragon boat, tying five color silk thread, lavender, wearing sachet, etc. Dragon Boat picking activities are very popular in the coastal areas of southern China. After being spread abroad, it has been loved by people of all countries and formed an international competition. The custom of eating zongzi at Dragon Boat Festival, which has been popular all over China since ancient times, has become one of the most influential and widespread folk eating customs of the Chinese nation. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the traditional folk activities can not only enrich the people's spiritual and cultural life, but also carry forward the traditional culture. As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, Dragon Boat Festival culture reflects the long history and profundity of Chinese culture. Dragon boat culture has a wide influence in the world. Some countries and regions in the world also have activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.
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